Welcome to Carlsson & Åqvist Property Management

Carlsson & Åqvist has always been an active player in Örebro’s development. Historically as a wholesaler in shoes and leather. Now as a property owner with great city involvement.

We offer housing, commercial premises and garage spaces in Örebro, adapted to modern standards. With a total of approximately 26,000 sq.m. under management, our main focus is keeping our tenants as happy as we are – this is the philosophy we have applied to business dealings since we began as a wholesale trader in 1890.

In addition to offering housing and commercial premises of good quality with high service levels, we are also working together with other positive forces to develop the Örebro region regarding property issues, as well as local culture and sporting events.

/Sten, Björn and Carina Åqvist


We own and manage approximately 26,000 sq.m. of leasable property, split between approximately 13,000 sq.m. of residential area and 13,000 sq.m. of commercial premises.


Our residential area in Hjärsta, a predominantly single-family home area on the west side of Örebro.

Our newly built property in central Örebro with housing, commercial premises and a parking garage.

Commercial premises

Our own office building in the middle of Örebro’s city centre.

A former shoe factory that currently houses offices, warehouses, and light industry for several different tenants.

Our newly built property in central Örebro with housing, commercial premises and a parking garage.

Health care and services

Väster Park/Karlsgatan
Care home , day centre, elderly housing and kindergarden in the lush environment of Väster Park.

Kindergarden in our area called REX in Gamla Hjärsta

Expression of interest

If you are interested in living in one of our residences, you can complete an expression of interest here (in Swedish).

Contact us

Carlsson & Åqvist, Nygatan 16A, 702 11 Örebro

Open weekdays from 8:00-16:00
Closed for lunch between 12:00-13:00

Visitors by appointment.

E-mail: fastigheter@aqv.se
Tel: 019-16 70 70
Telephone time is monday-thursday from 9:00-11:30

Carlsson & Åqvist celebrates 130 years

Carlsson & Åqvist has contributed to Örebro’s development for 130 years; from its inception as wholesale trader of leather and footwear to property management today. As a smaller player on the real estate market, we believe it is important to collaborate with others in our area. We are therefore an active team player with regard to the development of the entire Örebro region – for example, as members of the Swedish Property Federation and the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we actively support City Örebro where we participated in developing the design for Kungsgatan (King Street), among other things. As a partner in Örebro Spelarinvest, we are also involved in ÖSK, Örebro’s premier division football team, and several other commitments for strengthening local sporting life.

We actively support cultural events such as OpenART. We are also involved in the development of the region’s movie business.

We are one of ten local players who, together with the municipal company Örebroporten, owns and develops the Gustavsvik recreation facility (Gustavsviksanläggningen) and surrounding land.

Environmental activities

We are constantly working to reduce our impact on the climate. We do this by only using environmentally certified electricity from wind power for our properties, as well as heating with the help of environmentally friendly district heating. In addition, our housing tenants have access to modern recycling stations for waste separation.

Our story

Carlsson & Åqvist was founded in 1890 by Erik Åqvist. Initially, the company was run from Drottninggatan 22 in Örebro and consisted of wholesale trading of leather and footwear. Over the years, the company expanded to include shoe shops and footwear manufacturing at its own factories.

Our management of property began in 1907 when Erik Åqvist erected the building at the corner of Nygatan and Fabriksgatan for the company’s operations and for leasing out. Additional properties were acquired over the years, mainly for footwear manufacturing – including the REX shoe factory that is currently being converted into housing and is still managed by us at Carlsson & Åqvist.

Starting in 1979, the company’s own operations on these premises began to gradually decrease and a greater share was leased to external tenants. In 2004, the decision was made to sell the remaining footwear operations and focus on property management. The company is owned and run today by siblings Sten, Björn and Carina Åqvist.